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The most advanced incident recorder with instant clip to cloud.

Contel Video Telematics is a compact digital vehicle camera with Multi-Channel capability, developed using the most advanced technology available.

Our Camera provides HD video images from up to 3 cameras in association with the onboard shock sensors, providing FNOL (first notification of loss) data and real time driving behavior information.

The 128GB internal memory negates the need for unreliable SD cards, whilst the 3G, WiFi & Bluetooth ensures the information is sent swiftly and securely through our SSL connection.

A user friendly web portal provides a Full Reporting Suite with export capabilities allowing the data to be sent externally at the click of a button.

With our unique Automated Crash Detection & Filtering only the most relevant information is sent, additional features include video request.

Furthermore our CHC (camera health check) technology constantly monitors the status of the device and alerts you in the event of an issue.

With our solution you will see instant results allowing you to manage company reputation, improve driver behavior, save on vehicle costs, complying with the latest insurance requirements and reduce the amount of time taken to resolve disputes.

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  • Performance – Proactive Event Identification – Maintenance Analysis – Faster FNOL times
  • Efficiency – No additional operational overhead to invest in monitoring or manage a dedicated team of analysts
  • Decision Making – Analytics and information intelligence driving better claims and fleet management
  • Costs – Our model reduces your upfront capital expenditure and lowers on-going costs within the business


Actual footage of a crash for cash claim captured

Scalable up to 3 HD cameras using the hub.

The Camera hub is an addition to the advanced functionality already delivered by the main camera.  By using the Camera Hub, you can increase the number of HD video channels to 3 in total.  The hub also allows you to connect a monitor to our solution for use as a driver aid when turning or reversing a vehicle.

To find out more, call our team on 0207 1297 814 and we’ll be happy to help.

Enterprise Management.

We also offer a 24/7/365 monitoring and instant notification service, it is designed to deliver an available, efficient, and consistent experience for our partners and customers. It allows users to proactively detect and troubleshoot VEDR issues as they happen anywhere in the world.


Bird’s-eye view of your fleet events, down to individual vehicles, from one point of contact. Provides you with powerful event FNOL in an actionable form, and where you can easily and proactively detect driver training needs and troubleshoot maintenance issues in real-time.

Open API integration and White Labelling.

As a business, we understand the importance of seamless integrated solutions for your business, which is why there is a REST API for third party integration of our telemetry, video and data.

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