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Managing fuel using vehicle telematics

Managing Fuel

Managing fuel is a critical challenge for all businesses running a fleet of vehicles. It is one of the largest operating costs, so the importance of identifying and managing how, where and when it is used is crucial.  In the current economic climate, fleet managers are increasingly concerned about fuel costs. Fuel costs are rising at a faster rate than other operating expenses, and fleet managers need to take action to ensure that their vehicles are being used in the most efficient manner possible.

The first step is to implement systems that measure and manage fuel consumption, and telematics systems allow you the opportunity to do this. These systems allow a company to monitor its vehicles’ and drivers’ habits and identify areas where fuel can be saved. For example, instances of excessive speeding, idling time, and over revving can all lead to unnecessary fuel usage. If these can be identified and addressed with the driver, savings can be made.


Exacerbating this challenge is another problem – fuel theft, which is on the rise. This can be difficult to prevent, but there are ways to deter it. The Fuel Management System (FMS) is a GPS-based system that monitors and records the amount of fuel that is consumed. Linked with a telematics system, this data can conclusively prove instances of fuel theft.

If a camera solution is also fitted to a vehicle, a further layer of protection can be achieved; capturing footage of the theft in action.  Often, having a telematics system fitted, and announcing its features is enough to prevent fuel theft, but if it does still occur, you will at least have peace of mind that the necessary data and evidence to identify the offender will be available, on demand.

Contel Connected is a sophisticated fleet management system, developed to optimise your operations. Its web-based fleet tracking platform has been designed to increase productivity and efficiency. Simple to set up, this hardware-agnostic system is compatible with a vast array of devices, allowing the freedom for customers to pair it with existing or upgraded hardware.

Our friends at FORS have produced a useful guide on fuel management which you can fine here.

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